Youth Group

Groups can be used for any team, class, small group, short-term study, etc. that is part of your faith community. Put the description for your group in this space. Use guest-friendly language (for example, no acronyms unless they are defined.) Let people know who this group is for and how they can get involved. Add any additional pictures you’d like. Link or embed a signup form if you have that capability and it makes sense for the group.

Be sure to use the various features of WordPress to categorize this group, add a featured image, customize the permalink, and so on. Pro tip: use Categories for larger groupings (often representing major ministry areas of your congregation) and tags for aspects of the groups that can apply to many groups and categories. For example, some appropriate tags might be: Great for Newcomers; Multigenerational; Food Event; Short-term; Free.


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June 29, 2021

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