International Partners

In addition to supporting our denominational partners, Ravensworth has long-standing relationships with several international groups.  We share a common vision of how God’s love and justice should manifest themselves in our world. In supporting their chosen leaders and missions, we express our respect for their wisdom and cultures, and we look to them for guidance how best to minister in their particular situations.

From the first breath of life to the last, Bright Stars of Bethlehem partners to grow hope in Palestine by connecting people in the United States through awareness-raising and fund-raising, to ministry and education efforts in the Holy Land.

Based in Havana, the Christian Women’s Network (CWN) equips Cuban women of all ages and walks of life to live in a culture of peace and respect, by seeking to apply Christian principles in every area of their lives. The General Director, Midiam Lobiana Gamez, oversees five branches of ministry outreach across Cuba, promoting gender equity and providing ministry support and counsel to youth, women, men, families, and church leaders. The CWN sponsors and leads regional workshops, regular meetings and encounter groups, and numerous outreach ministries for women and their families.

Fulaa Lifeline International (Fulaa) is a Christian ministry of compassion to the suffering people of South Sudan. For the last fifty years, South Sudan has been ravaged by two civil wars, the latest of which resulted in more than two million deaths with millions more displaced and the country is still experiencing political unrest and instability. As refugees return to their homeland or are displaced again with the current unrest, Fulaa is working alongside churches there to bring the compassion of Jesus Christ to people in great need.

Ravensworth supports the Fulaa ministry at the Cornerstone Children’s Home. As of 8/12/2016, the children at the home in Nimule South Sudan had to flee and cross into Uganda where they are now living on a property near Adjumini Uganda.  Their current need is water on the compound and then more permanent living quarters.