Advent, Christmas & Epiphany: Those Who Dream

In the midst of turmoil and tumult, it takes courage to dream. In a world of worry and grief, it takes strength to believe in a better day. In the face of injustice, it takes resilience to fight for healing and wholeness. This Advent, let us be “like those who dream” (Ps. 126).

Advent, Christmas & Epiphany at RBC

We are those who dream and we dream of a new way following the path of Jesus. This will be a new way for us to observe these Holy Days this year. Perhaps we will understand the already-and-not-yet-ness of Advent in a new way. Below are ways to engage in faith formation and worship opportunities as we dream together. All worship and music opportunities will be on YouTube, Facebook, and via phone unless otherwise noted.

Worship & Music

  • Sunday, Nov. 29, 11am: First Sunday of Advent: Those Who Dream…Keep Awake. Rev. Dr. Leah Davis, preaching
  • Sunday, Dec. 6, 11am: Second Sunday of Advent: Those Who Dream…Prepare the Way, Rev. Dr. Michael Catlett, preaching
  • Sunday, Dec. 13, 11am: Third Sunday of Advent: Those Who Dream…Sow Joy, Rev. Dr. Leah Davis, preaching
  • Sunday, Dec. 20, 11am: Fourth Sunday of Advent: Those Who Dream…Are Not Alone, Rev. Dr. Leah Davis, preaching
  • Monday, Dec. 21, 7pm: Longest Night Service: (via Zoom), with Rev. Phil Carpenter
  • Thursday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve Service 6:30pm Cocoa & Fellowship via Zoom, 7pm Christmas Eve Service via YouTube and Facebook: This Night…We Are Those Who Dream
  • Friday, Dec. 25, 11am: Christmas Day Concert
  • Sunday, Dec. 27, 11am: First Sunday of Christmas: Those Who Dream…Will Not Keep Silent
  • Sunday, Jan. 3, 11am: Epiphany observed: Those Who Dream…Persevere (Via Zoom)