Position Openings: Preschool Caregivers

We are seeking two preschool caregivers.

Basic Qualifications

21 Years of Age

Experience in Child Care

Minimum of two (2) References

School Education – minimum of High School Education

CPR Certification (RBC will pay for renewal costs)

Covid-19 Vaccines and Boosters up to date


  • Sunday Hours, September-June: Arrive at 9:15am and stay until 12:15pm or until all children have been picked up and the room is straightened. If the caregiver stays any portion of a half hour, they will be paid for that half hour. Hours will change for the summer schedule (July & August).
  • Christmas Eve Service: 4-6pm (or as scheduled if times change)
  • Other Sundays following worship, Sunday evenings, or other weekday evenings during the year. Advance notice will be given.
  • May be asked to work for other special times of the year.

Pay Rate

$20/hour. For any given Sunday Morning (September -June,) we guarantee three hours of pay. Summer schedule will vary.

For other programs where we ask the caregiver to be present, we guarantee two hours of pay, so if there are no children present, the caregiver may leave after 20 minutes and will receive two hours of pay.

$75 is paid for Christmas Eve.


Supervised by the Director of Administration with support from the Interim Dir. of Faith Formation & Outreach and the Preschool/Children’s Committee.

Guiding Principle

Our guiding principle is that the foundations of a child’s faith are laid very early. Infants and toddlers are learning that adults will respond to them in a loving, timely manner. Having a responsive caregiver helps a child learn to trust in people who care for them, which in turn enables them to trust in a loving God later in their lives. Therefore, we ask that our Caregiver responds lovingly, quickly, and consistently to our children. We also believe that the nursery/preschool is one of the most important ministries affecting church growth. The Caregiver is the first person many new families meet in the church. We need to have reliable, inviting, caring, and welcoming people in the Preschool to make a favorable impression on these families and surround the children with loving adults. Having loving and responsive caregivers help children learn to trust.

How to Apply

Submit resume and two references by July 1, 2022, to Cathy Baskin, Director of Administration, cathy@ravensworthbaptist.org. Ideal start date is August 2022 for training and orientation with full responsibilities assumed by September 11, 2022.

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