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This Puzzling Call

A Puzzling Call: Abundant Life at RBC Our season of stewardship at RBC is upon us as we ponder what it means to follow God, to love our enemies, and live together in a way so that everyone flourishes. Your incredible stewardship team has come up with the theme of A Puzzling Call and a three-week study of the book of Jonah. What is puzzling about our call? How do we share love, do justice, and build community right now? We’ll discuss our call and have some fun along the way.

  • Worship each week: studying the book of Jonah and hearing from our church members about our life together. Watch this fun video to learn more about Jonah! 
  • Church Puzzle Exchange: Coming soon on the front porch. Drop a puzzle, grab a puzzle, share!
  • Online Puzzling: each week we’ll share a new puzzle to put together online.
  • Cafe Ravensworth: Trivia Night: Join RBC for a fun night of trivia, games, and maybe even some special performances! Date TBA.

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