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Update from Leadership Council, Dec. 16, 2020

Dear RBC Beloveds,

This Advent, we have committed to the theme of Those Who Dream. In the midst of a global pandemic, we have been ones who dream of…hope for those who live under occupation in Palestine, peace for those who are sick and struggling because of COVID-19, joy for those who are missing beloveds, and love for this world. 

“In the midst of turmoil and tumult, it takes courage to dream. In a world of worry and grief, it takes strength to believe in a better day. In the face of injustice, it takes resilience to fight for healing and wholeness,” said the creators from A Sanctified Art.

We affirm that it does take courage to dream, especially during difficult seasons, and that dreaming brings us life and vision. Ravensworth Baptist Church has been faithfully dreaming since we closed the building in March to keep our congregation and community healthy and safe. We’ve continued to dream as we’ve collected thousands of pounds of food for ACCA, moved forward with antiracism work, and worshipped in new ways with windshield wipers whipping and Zoom-ed in voices singing.

Our COVID Advisory team met faithfully over these last months, suggesting health and safety improvements for our building and monitoring numbers and the latest data on the virus. Hooray for touchless faucets, toilet seat covers, and HEPA filters! We are also investigating necessary updates to our HVAC to best filter and clean our air. The RBC Leadership Council received the COVID Advisory team’s recommendation that our building remain closed through at least May 15, 2021. Leadership Council affirmed that recommendation, committing to constantly evaluate the current numbers and metrics. Even though everyone agreed it was the right decision to make, everyone also agreed that it was a hard one because we miss being together.
The good news is that we now know how to worship in even more creative ways and we will continue to do so, especially once warmer weather returns. We are hopeful that the vaccine will be widely distributed in early 2021. We are dreaming of what has been and what is to come as we continue to share love, do justice, and build community.

Advent hope, peace, joy, and love to you,
G.J. Tarazi, Chair of Leadership Council

Rev. Dr. Leah Grundset Davis, Pastor

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