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Update from Leadership Council

Dear RBC Beloveds,

This summer we’ve gathered Around the Campfire with Holy Spirit as our fire and our guide. We’ve heard stories from one another, from our world, and from our sacred texts. We’ve heard from Voices of Ravensworth, worshipped weekly with worship leaders from around the world, continued with antiracism work, formed a new voter mobilization group, hosted a food drive with our partners at ACCA, and more. Even though our building has remained closed, the congregation of Ravensworth Baptist Church has been very much open and at work in the world. 

In June, the Leadership Council commissioned a COVID Advisory Group, consisting of Cathy Baskin, Cindy Cruzan, Pastor Leah, Kathy Ichter, Rhine Morgan, and Karen Scapellato and Patty White from PDO.

In late July, the Leadership Council received and affirmed the recommendations made by the COVID Advisory Group. We maintain our commitments to health, safety, and the well-being of our congregation and community. The recommendations from the COVID Advisory Group and affirmed by Leadership Council are below:

  1. Equip our building with items that promote health: touchless faucets and air filters to bring spaces up to CDC recommendations;
  2. Apply for a $2500 grant through the DC Baptist Convention Foundation to assist with these facility improvements, which we submitted last week;
  3. Support PDO as they consider best practices for a possible fall semester;
  4. Pursue small group gatherings on church property and drive-in worship services for the fall; 
  5. Keep our building closed through at least January 15, 2021 to large group gatherings, including worship. 

We know that the last recommendation on this list is full of mixed emotions. It is full of grief and disappointment and relief and care. The grief and disappointment is real. And, we know we can do hard things and continue listening for Holy Spirit in our midst to live out our calling in creative ways. 

During this time, the staff will continue to largely work from home and will not hold regular office hours. The staff is working hard to implement drive-in worship services for the fall so please stay tuned for more information about those Sunday morning services. You have likely seen our Around the Campfire small group gatherings of six people on our lawn. We hope you will join one. 

One of the advantages of making a decision for a longer period of time is that we have time to plan meaningful events and sacred services that will feel like RBC even if we aren’t in the building. We’ll never forget Easter 2020 and our guess is that we’ll never forget Advent 2020, the season of longing for hope, peace, joy, and love. 

We know that we all process this news in different ways. We hope you will join us at an Around the Campfire small group on the lawn (sign up with Gail), or zoom groups like Tuesday Morning Bible Study at 10:30am or Cafe RBC on Sundays at 10:30am. 

Our work and our life together continue. Ravensworth Baptist Church has never been closed. We have been open and at work sharing love, doing justice, and building community. And we will continue to do so, in new and creative ways that we know are full of Holy Spirit, who comforts us and guides us as we go. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Peace to you,G.J. Tarazi, Chair of Leadership Council and  Rev. Dr. Leah Grundset Davis, Pastor, on behalf of RBC’s Leadership Council & COVID Advisory Group