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From Leadership Council & Staff

Dear RBC Beloveds,

Thank you for your thoughtful messages and emails as we face the fire of Pentecost alongside the fires of injustice in our country. Your messages of concern are beautiful reminders of the spirit of RBC. We do not know what else will happen this week, especially given the president’s address earlier this week.  

The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis sparked the latest round of protests, but as Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III said, “Racism is a virus. It infects the spirit. It infects the soul. This is nothing new that I’m sharing. Dr. (Martin Luther) King spoke of it in the same manner. Howard Thurman talked about it as being a spiritual infection. Frederick Douglass spoke about racism and white supremacy as a virus that infects the soul.”  

We follow Jesus on the Way of peace, justice, hope, and love. As a community of faith we grapple with the atrocities taking place around us, we remain steadfast in denouncing and actively working against actions that hurt ANY of God’s beloved children.     

We are writing today, because we are called to action. That action will look differently for each of us. Below are some ways you can act right now:

  • Join us in a congregation-wide upcoming study on antiracism and examining ingrained white supremacy (more info coming soon);
  • Call your elected officials and express your outrage. From local to federal officials, all must be held accountable for actions that hurt and oppress people;
  • Contribute to causes that are supporting the work of #BlackLivesMatter and justice causes;
  • Learn about antiracism and issues of white supremacy:
  • Follow Black activists, clergy, justice-workers on social media. Listen to them. 
  • Pray. We are a people of faith who believe in the great possibilities of what can be through our collective prayers. We are transformed in the presence of our Creator God who sees all people as Beloved.  

We do this holy work together. Thank you for the RBC commitments of sharing love, doing justice, and building community. We look to God our Creator, Jesus our Shepherd, and Holy Spirit our guide.   

Peace to you,

G.J. Tarazi & Pastor Leah on behalf of Leadership Council & Staff