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Our Life Together: From RBC Leadership Council & Staff

Dear RBC Beloveds,

The Leadership Council and staff continue to work alongside the congregation in determining the best, safest ways for us to move forward during this uncertain time. 

At this time, we will keep the building and playground closed through August 31. That means our worship and meetings will continue virtually through August 31. Our grounds will re-open June 11 following the guidelines in the left column.

There are several reasons why we chose this date as our next marker:

  • As of today, we are looking at statistics and articles that share gathering in person in buildings (especially churches) is still considered high risk; 
  • Maintaining this online presence through August 31 is a familiar summer schedule for RBC;
  • We want to hear from Fairfax County Public Schools and what their decisions are for the fall, as well as support schools and their programming (including our own PDO and APC) with people returning in good health;
  • By August, we’ll have a better read on the impact of the second wave of the virus as Virginia learns from Phase One. Annandale currently has the second highest rate of infection in Virginia. We want to care for our congregation and broader community;
  • We are not yet prepared to open our building given current CDC guidelines and safety issues. We are still working to develop the necessary plans and materials to allow us to reopen with the lowest risk possible;
  • We know that Holy Spirit is in our midst even as we are apart. We are benefitting from our creative online worship and meaningful online gatherings.

Moving forward, the Leadership Council will be forming a COVID-19 Taskforce to examine best practices and safety measures as we work to re-open our building. 

Our building is closed, but we as the Church are very much open, linked mysteriously by that pesky Holy Spirit who calls us together. If you have any questions, please contact G.J. Tarazi (chair of Leadership Council) or April Pavis-Shroeder (Vice-Chair of Leadership Council). 

Thank you for your faithfulness and commitment to RBC. We continue to share love, do justice, and build community in creative—and safe ways. 


RBC Leadership Council: G.J. Tarazi, Chair; April Pavis-Shroeder, Vice-Chair; Marshall Marks, Deacons; Carolyn Shields, Education; Dave Farmer, Missions; Brad Moffett, Admin; Cathy Baskin, Director of Outreach & Admin; Rev. Phil Carpenter, Minister of Music; Rev. Dr. Leah Grundset Davis, Pastor

Guidelines for Being on Church Grounds (outside only) Beginning June 11:

  • Maintain social distancing 8-10 feet apart between members of different households.
  • Groups no larger than 10 people total.
  • Do not enter building; facilities (including restrooms) are not available for use.
  • Do not go on the playground.
  • If you plan to be on the grounds at a specific date/time, please coordinate with Cathy Baskin. We are still having yard crew come, and maintenance work done on inside and outside of building.