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Acts at Home

The Book of Acts has a main character–Holy Spirit, and a lot of action. We’ll follow Holy Spirit and the earliest church as they tried to figure out what it meant to follow Jesus in difficult times. Their lives were disrupted and they had a church to create. You’re invited to read a chapter or so a day, following the guide below as we travel through Acts together. On Sundays, Pastor Leah will preach on a passage that took place in homes–a familiar place for most of us these days! We’ll discover some good news in unexpected places and Holy Spirit will be our guide.

Sunday, May 3: Acts at Home: Wonders and Signs, Acts 2:42-47

Sunday, May 10: Acts at Home: Visions, Acts 10:1-23a

Sunday, May 17: Acts at Home: A Knock at the Door, Acts 12:1-19

Sunday, May 24: Acts at Home: Hospitality, Acts 16

Pentecost Sunday, May 31: Acts at Home: Nimble Spirit, Acts 2:1-21