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Acts of… by Leah Grundset Davis

We’ve been hanging out in the Acts of the Apostles during the season of Easter to look at the power of Holy Spirit and witness of those earliest disciples. The stories of Beautiful, Ananias, and Paul have challenged us thus far with calling us to acts of beauty and courage. 

Where are you seeing beauty and courage in our world right now? Several of us spent the weekend after Easter at the Alliance of Baptists’ Annual Gathering. The theme, “What is Liberty without Liberation?” guided the weekend.

I invite you to watch Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis’ sermon from the Friday worship service. (Her sermon begins at the one hour mark). Her call to a Love Revolution is in itself an act of beauty and courage. 

I’d love to hear from you about the ways you are seeing acts of beauty and courage in the world. Email me and let me know! 

Grateful for each of you,


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