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Moving Forward in Hope, by Leah Grundset Davis

Even though we talked about moving forward in hope, I want to look back for a moment. What a weekend of celebration, memory sharing, and hope we shared on our 60th Anniversary Weekend, March 16-17!  

We heard music from “Two Brothers, One Pick,” also known as Jesse and Will Baskin. We shared memories around the fireplace, with Don Moore framing our time with his memories of this place. We worshipped with incredible guest musicians, Tia Wortham and Barbara Wilkinson. We heard from former pastor Mahan Siler and former pastoral intern Alicia Davis Porterfield. As I tried to sum up how I felt on Sunday afternoon, I could only think of one word: grateful. 

Our celebration pointed us toward God’s promises of hope and presence, even in the midst of the season of Lent and chaos in the world. Our belief in the goodness of this community of faith was evident, even as we stretch ourselves to consider the places where we feel called and our rough edges. We will jump into the river of God’s justice-love…together. 

Special thanks to the 60th anniversary committee and everyone who pitched in time, food, set-up, and tear down. You are so appreciated.

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