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Draw Near, by Leah Grundset Davis

Draw Near…

Our Advent theme has been rolling around in my head for a couple months. Over that time, I’ve thought of several ways that our theme is timely and calling us forward. 

We draw near… 

as we celebrate those who chose to join RBC as new members this past Sunday,  

as we make Advent wreaths and play Advent bingo,

as the world around us feels chaotic, and we know we have a home at RBC,

as we listen for the beautiful songs and voices of our Christmas Cantata this coming Sunday, 

We draw near during this season to the promise of peace, hope, joy, and love, as we acknowledge our grief and pain, and still believe that we are loved.   

We draw near to the coming Christ and live into and proclaim that God-with-us has come, is here with us, and will come again. 

Hope to see everyone these coming weeks as there will be sacred spaces where we can all draw near to the love of God and one another.

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