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The Gospel According to Mr. Rogers, by Steve Hyde

I have a new gospel canon: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Mister Rogers.

The Gospel According to Fred Rogers:

            I believe that appreciation is a holy thing-

            that when we look for what’s best in a person

            we happen to be with at the moment,

            we’re doing what God does all the time.

            So in loving and appreciating our neighbor,

            we’re participating in something sacred.

This is a good week to reflect on appreciation as a holy thing. When we engage in appreciation, especially with our gaze on each other and our neighbors, we are participating in something sacred. And an even more astounding thought:

            We’re doing what God does all the time!

A cure for hate is desperately needed, and here it is in plain sight. In a world created and sustained by God who never hates, the simple but powerful act of appreciation opens a way to do what God does all the time. Appreciation keeps the heart open, and that’s no small thing.

There is healing for our hearts, and hope for our land. Appreciation for the other, and for one another, will bring us out of our collective hypnotic trance, and show us the open door between heaven and earth.

I hope you have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving, and that we will enter the Advent season with a new and deepened appreciation for all of God’s gifts. The light will shine in the darkness, and never more so than when our hearts are open.

The Gospel According to Mister Rogers.

Thanks be to God!

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