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Podcasts and Singing our Faith, by Leah G. Davis

There are two things that sustain me on my morning commute: coffee and podcasts. Over the last two years, I’ve done a deep dive into political podcasts.

But in the last few weeks, I’ve paused my political podcasts and instead, spent my mornings listening to a new (to me) podcast called Healing Justice Podcast. On one episode, the Resistance Revival Chorus was featured. Perhaps you remember them from performing at the Grammys or maybe you’ve heard their version of ” You Don’t Own Me,” which has been in regular rotation in my car for the last six months. (video will open in facebook, but you don’t need facebook to watch it)  

These moments of morning reflection have brought me back to our life together at RBC. We do this work of hope-casting, of peace-building, of working for justice-love because we believe God’s dreams are possible. And we sing our faith through them alongside one another. 

This Sunday, we’ll sing a new hymn called “By the Streams of Babylon,” by Carolyn Winfrey Gilette, that offers commentary on our world today, our biblical text, and hope for what is to come. It’s set to the familiar tune of “For the Beauty of the Earth,” which is all together fitting. I hope these songs connect with you on a soul-stirring level as we sing our faith together. 

Singing alongside you in hope,


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