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As Fall Arrives, by Cathy Baskin

As I listen to the energetic conversations of our PDO Preschool staff preparing to welcome children and families, I fully realize that summer is over! 

(Speaking of summer: I want to say thank you to the RBC congregation, for the generous gift of a month’s sabbatical. It was a welcome time to reflect, mark some items off my “to-do” list, and enjoy being with friends and family. Thank you for giving me the opportunity take a break; and a special thanks to those who stepped up so that I could step away.)

Speaking of children and families: staff and volunteers have been in conversation about how we value and nurture our children at RBC. There have been many discussions about how we can creatively enhance our ministries and programs for them. Stay tuned!

As fall arrives, you will see the fruits of the planning that has continued during summer. I encourage you to take a good look at the newsletter to get a sense of all that is coming our way as we return to our regular schedule and programs:

  • Faith formation activities that will connect with the fall sermon series on Interrupting Silence;
  • Opportunities for fellowship: potluck breakfast this Sunday, and church picnic on the 16th;
  • Workshops, for 55+ and caregivers, on legal and financial planning;
  • Choir resumes and rehearsals begin for the Christmas Cantata, as music at RBC thrives;
  • The Fall Ethics Seminar series: Our Immigration Environment; and
  • Volunteer education and information session and dinner for refugee support (Good Neighbor Program).

And— in March 2019, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of RBC! Can you believe it? A working committee has begun making plans for the anniversary weekend.

As always, there is so much bubbling up in our life together. Welcome back to another year of living out our call to share love, do justice, and build community, as followers of Jesus!


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