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Star Words: Festivity?

This column appeared in our August 8, 2018 newsletter.

The last time we talked about Star Words, it was 16 degrees and we were about to welcome some nasty winter weather. It was the first Sunday in January when we celebrated Epiphany. Stranger Things guided us to that star the wise guys followed as they searched for the one that brought about hope, peace, joy, and love.

We each picked a yellow star from a basket during worship. They were completely random, but when we started talking at the door, some of us thought our words chose us. The idea was to take the word and see how we interacted with it this year. We might not like it so much. We might love it. But what might God teach us if we looked at the world with this word in mind?

Well, seven months into our faith-filled experiment, I’m here to tell you that my word, festivity has stuck with me in two ways:

1. I love to make meaning from just about everything, so I love making even the smallest event festive. I’ve paid attention to the joy it brings me even as I try to bring joy to others, and…

2. It’s been a hard year to be festive. We’ve seen trauma, pain, hate, and greed run rampant in our country, and it’s wearing on us. On the days when I’ve felt really down, I’ve tried to think about the word, festivity and wrestle with it a bit. It’s reminded me that joy is essential to strength, resistance, and hope. 

I’m curious how this practice of Star Words has gone for you thus far in 2018. What was your word and how has it made its way into your vocabulary? Have you thought about it since that Epiphany Sunday? Send me an email, facebook message, give me a call or let’s grab coffee. Let me know how these stars are guiding you as we look for the one who brings about hope, peace, joy, and love. 

Wishing you a festive week,


PS- It’s not too late to get a Star Word if you need one! They hang out in a bowl in the pastors’ office, so swing by and pick one up the next time you’re at church. 

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