Reclaiming Our Souls…Lent 2018

Lent is the time of the church year for self-reflection and attention to our inward journeys. We recognize that right now we feel tired, downtrodden, and exhausted from the state of the world and our lives. During Lent this year, we’ll be focusing on reclaiming our souls from the latest breaking news, the pace of our world, and the forces that try to occupy our lives. RBC will offer space to encounter God in the sacred ordinary of daily life while tending to the state of our souls. 

We have many Lenten offerings this year to help you connect with your soul and with our community. They are listed here. Consider what you need this Lent; there’s no way we can do it all. Find a practice and stick with it, whether it is encountering contemplative prayer, examining your white privilege, hearing and holding stories, or breaking bread and playing bingo on a Saturday night inter-generational event. 

“Persist. Persevere. Endure.” Benedict uttered these words below centuries ago and they are still speaking. As we leap into this adventure during Lent of Reclaiming our Souls, we do so with Benedict’s words ringing in our ears—this is hard work, holy work, and we do it in community. 

“To bear bad things, evil things well, is for Benedict a mark of humility, a mark of
Christian maturity. It is a dour and difficult notion for the modern Christian to
accept. The goal of the twenty-first century is to cure all diseases, order all
inefficiency, topple all obstacles, end all stress, and prescribe immediate panaceas.
We wait for nothing and put up with little and abide less and react with fury at
irritations. We are a people without patience. We do not tolerate process. We cannot
stomach delay. Persist. Persevere. Endure, Benedict says. It is good for the soul to
temper it. God does not come on hoofbeats of mercury through streets of gold. God
is in the dregs of our lives. That’s why it takes humility to find God where God is not
expected to be.”

Joan Chittister
The Rule of Benedict: A Spirituality For The 21 st Century*, p.88

*The Benedictine order was founded by Benedict about 1500 years ago.

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