Star Words

by Cathy Baskin

What’s in a word? I guess the usual answer is “it depends”…on who is using it, the context, etc. In this case the best answer might be “we’ll see!”  In our Sunday worship, Leah introduced us to “Star Words.” As baskets were passed, we each chose a star-shaped cut out with a word written on it. In the same way that The Star guided the three eastern pilgrims on their journey to Bethlehem, we committed to “following” our Star Word–allowing it sink into us, become a part of us, and guide us in the coming year.

This was a new idea to me, and it brought a festive feeling to our worship; which shouldn’t be surprising, since it turns out Leah’s Star Word was Festivity. Coincidence?  Maybe, but I believe that word definitely captures something of Leah’s spirit.

My Star Word is Communion. I look forward to meditating on this word in the coming year, to see where it might lead me. Already, I am thinking of Communion as much more than what we do at the Table each month. It has something to do with how we are connected–how we have Communion with each other–through the profound mystery of being “in Christ.” That’s as far as I’ve gotten!

Here are some of the other words that will intrigue and guide us in the coming year: Beginning, Cleansing, Discipleship, Caring, Difference, Enthusiastic, Fitness, Community, Confident, & Comprehension. Is yours on that list, or is it different? Leah invited us to keep the conversation going with each other as we head into 2018, following our Star Words. If you have an epiphany about your word, drop her an email or a note, or share it with others on the journey at RBC.

And may the (transformative) Force (of the Spirit of Christ) be with you!

Photo from “Star Words, Presbyterian Outlook.” Learn more about how other churches observe Star Words .

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