If you have Netflix, and have any desire to understand the full meaning of “institutional racism,” you should watch the documentary “13th.” You may realize that mass incarceration is massive problem, destroying predominantly black lives. What you may not realize is the degree to which, like Slavery before it, it is rooted in our whole society.

From the final interview of the movie:

People say all the time, ‘well I don’t understand how people could have tolerated slavery. How could people have made peace with that? How could people have gone to a lynching and participated in that? How did people make sense of this segregation, this white and colored only drinking — that’s so crazy, if I was living at that time, I would never have tolerated anything like that.’ And the truth is we are living at this time. And we are tolerating it.

Find a way to watch this film.  Here’s the trailer:

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