Our Pledge to Love

Usually what I share here is what I find interesting or important personally, or what I think RBC members and friends might find interesting or important. Though I work hard to make sure they reflect the church community, the words I post here are my own. This will be different. This time, because I feel on very secure ground, I think I can speak for all of us. If you’ve been following this page, you’ll know that this isn’t that different from what I’ve always posted — it is pretty clear where this church stands. But it needs to be said here and everywhere as often as necessary.

If Mr. Trump handles the next four years even remotely as he ran his campaign, things are going to get tougher, perhaps for all of us, certainly for the most vulnerable among us. There is every reason for many to fear the uncertainty of what is to come. But whatever happens in the coming weeks, months, years, we will stand with you.

People of color, women, and LGBTQ people: we will stand with you.
Immigrants and refugees: we will stand with you.

People trapped in poverty: we will stand with you.

People with physical, emotional, or mental illnesses and disabilities: we will stand with you.

People of faiths different than our own: we will stand with you.

All those who have been labelled as “other,” who have been pushed to society’s margins, who have been ignored, forgotten, or abused: we will stand with you.

And yes, those who have been trapped by the poison of hatred: we will resist that hate with all we have, but we will stand with you as fellow children of God.

We will advocate for and with you. We will seek justice. We will practice Hope as a verb, as a spur to action. We will not let you stand alone. We will see you. We will not be afraid. Above all, we will Love you as Jesus has taught us to love: fully, openly, and with no reservations or conditions.

The next few years will be a great challenge for people of goodwill, but God does remarkable things with those who trust in Love. For us, that begins here in Northern Virginia, and we renew our ongoing commitment to share love, to do the great work of justice, and to build a beloved community.

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