“I’ll Pray For You, I’ll Stand With You”

I wanted to share this facebook post from my friend Alden Pinkham, who you may remember as a regular visitor at RBC (along with her husband, Dan). Alden has been a tireless advocate for human rights: working with migrant farm workers, and against human trafficking. Alden and Dan moved to California a few years ago, but as an honorary Ravensworthy, I thought y’all might want to hear her thoughts on the election:

Y’all know I hardly ever post to fb, but the thoughts in my head wouldn’t still until I wrote them down, and I figured as long as I’d done so, I would share them…

As I woman, I am grieving that so many of my countrymen voted for a man who openly treats women as sex objects, demeans women in the basest terms, has been faithless to his wives, and has bragged about using his power to sexually assault women.

As a friend and family member to immigrants, people of color, lgbtq+ people, and people of many religions, I am dismayed that we have elected a man whose only consistent campaign promises were to oppress you and return our country to a time that was more difficult and dangerous for you and your families.

As an advocate for workers, I’m confused that many of you supported a man who has a history of cheating people like you, has given no indication that he will reverse the decline in wages and worker protections and every indication that he will empower corporations and the wealthy.

As an American, I’m appalled that our leader is a man whose word cannot be trusted, whose convictions change on a whim and serve himself alone, who believes compromise is a sign of weakness, who denigrates our Constitution, our rule of law, and our democratic process, and who expresses his admiration for the type of tyrants and despots our country was founded to stand against.

As a citizen of this world, I fear that the imprudence, ignorance, and intemperance of this Commander in Chief could escalate global conflict, nuclear war, and changes to our climate causing massive displacement, famine, and suffering.

As a Christian, I’m deeply troubled that my brothers and sisters so readily disregarded the teachings of our faith: to love neighbor as self; to care for the oppressed, the downtrodden, the foreigner in our midst; to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s (read: pay your taxes); to think on what is true, noble, right and pure; to act justly, love mercy, walk humbly; and most of all to live lives of repentance before God; and instead have placed their trust in a man who not only embodies the opposite of these qualities, but takes pride in doing so!

What gives me comfort today is the knowledge that so many Americans before me have experienced grief and dismay, confusion and fear, and nonetheless put their hearts, bodies and minds to work to preserve our country and repair her when she fell short of our ideals. They used podiums and pulpits, the halls of power and the streets of cities, our courtrooms and our classrooms, our newspapers, radio, and the arts, to repudiate the darkest and ugliest times of our history. They kept fighting through slavery and war, Jim Crow, Segregation, and I look to their example.

No jokes about moving to Canada in this house. Most of you know I’m headed to law school and want to work in public service. I know I will have the privilege to work alongside many others – activists, teachers, parents, writers – everyone using their own talents, experiences, and callings to make this country better. I hope and pray that my pessimism is unwarranted and in four years this will all seem like so much hyperbole. I will pray for Trump supporters, who need someone to listen to their concerns and who, in a spate of magical thinking (something we all do at times), believe a rich TV-star in a hat will be that person. I will pray also for our leaders, (even the rich TV-star in the hat) because no person is undeserving of prayer.

And for everyone who woke up this morning feeling frightened and betrayed, I’ll pray for you, and I’ll stand with you.

I literally could not have said it better.  Thank you, Alden.

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