I was never in InterVarsity in college but I have known a lot of people who were. Their recent decision to terminate all LGBTQ-affirming staff members is regrettable to say that least, and will undo much of the good work the organization has done. It is no small thing to turn theological disagreement into a witch hunt — and the decision will have ramifications not just for young LGBTQ Christians seeking a faithful direction in college (which would be bad enough), but for all those who might wish for a safe place to discuss ideas and consider other perspectives. You know: college students.

Though I am sometimes frustrated that the popular perception of Christianity is usually defined by a conservative ideology that I do not share, that does not bother me as much, nor do as much harm to all Christianity as the perception that our faith is so rigid that there is no room for disagreement. Whatever the beliefs of the leadership of InterVarsity, this is a dangerous and foolish step to take.

But mostly right now, I hope you will join with me in praying for the LGBTQ-affirming staff members and their families who are experiencing what so many LGBTQ Christians have experienced — being thrown out of the very place they thought was safe for them.

This is a letter, signed by clergy and Christian leaders, from The Reformation Project calling for a reversal of this purge.

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