Faith and Sex

Patheos is hosting a conversation on faith and sexuality, from the perspectives of several different religions (or branches therein). Way too often it seems like the only churches willing to talk about sex (a pretty, you know, FUNDAMENTAL part of the human experience) are those that want to set very strict controls over it: controls that usually are thinly veiled (if at all) controls on women. Moderate and even progressive churches that might have a better message often go radio silent whenever sex and sexuality out of…I’m not sure why really — embarrassment? Like if we don’t talk about it, maybe the younger members of the congregation won’t know that it exists? Umm…the secret’s out on that one.

It’s really a shame because by keeping quiet, we give all the space to conservative interpretations of faith and sexuality, at the same time implicitly allowing secular culture to dictate our own feelings. In other words — by staying silent progressives are saying that faith has nothing to do with it.

With that in mind, I’m sharing this piece from Bromleigh McCleneghan. It offers a view of sex that is both sacred and grounded in the body. And it makes an important theological point: as in all things, it is not “not playing by the rules at all costs, out of fear or self-righteousness” that should govern your behavior, but Love (Love with a capital L, that is, not just infatuation).


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