Father Mike

I found this profile of Father Michael Pfleger from last winter through a recent post of Sightings, Martin Marty’s blog on religious news. Many of you are probably familiar with Fr. Pfleger, but somehow he slipped through the (many) cracks in my awareness. This is a long piece, so I’ll keep my comments short, but Fr. Pfleger, a white priest in an almost entirely African-American parish, is an example of what all of us could be if we were to live the radical love that we are taught in the gospel. We are called to be on the side of Love that knows no race or ethnicity, on the side of Justice that cannot be swayed by greed — that has, if anything, a preference for the poor. And we are called to use what gifts we have, in the place we are, to transform lives.

Read more from the New York Times Magazine here.

And here he is speaking about his vision for the Church and for us all:

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