Palestinian Cultural Showcase

Last week we held a fantastic event at Ravensworth in support of Bright Stars of Bethlehem and Dar al-Kalima University in Bethlehem.  We were part of their Room for Hope Festival and student and faculty musicians and chefs displayed their amazing talents for us.  The University “is dedicated to providing quality education that meets the social, cultural, and economic needs of Palestine. Through establishing an institution for higher learning, the Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture is committed to building a culture of democracy and free expression, thus contributing to the strengthening of civil society in Palestine,” (from the Dar al-Kalima mission statement).

They take a practical approach to art and culture to encourage employment, creativity, and to build hope in devastating circumstances.  The goal of the event was to raise money specifically to fund scholarships for students and it’s not too late to participate – just visit Bright Stars of Bethlehem to donate!

Click here for a taste of the music program last Wednesday (though the best “taste” was the Baba Ghanouj, but that’s one thing I haven’t figured out how to share digitally).  Enjoy!

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