Making and Unmaking: The Importance of Art to Church

It is my opinion (admittedly, as a self-centered writer and sort of artist), that the Church’s response and attitude toward the Arts is fundamental to its survival in the next century. That’s not to say that every church needs to or even should become like Convergence – the arts centered church in Alexandria mentioned in the article below. Though certainly, I’d like to see a few more. Nor does it mean that a church should prioritize Art over more concrete missions. But good art is honest human expression, it is the search for truth and the creative imitation of our Creator. A church’s stance toward art betrays much of it’s stance toward humanity and to God: as mentioned in the article, for example, a church that fears nudity in art has fallen victim to a prudish culture obsessed with sexualizing and objectifying the human body.
Creativity in a deep sense of the word is not just “innovation” but literally the opposite of destruction. It is making, rather than unmaking. And that seems to be to be very much the role of the Church — providing a safe place where we can make, with God, a better world.

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