Manifesting Peace (during the election season)

Here’s an interesting (and concrete) approach for de-escalating the political vitriol we’re surrounded by, at least within your self, from Patheos author Rev. Nancy Wiens. Here’s a sample:

If you find yourself resisting/fearing/judging/anxious about something that you hear in the political realm this week or next week, I invite you simply to visualize putting it down at your feet, step away from it, and return to a strong felt-experience of God that elicits love in you…

In other words, a form of imaginative meditation. Don’t dismiss it (or, like me, try your best not to forget to do it, even if you think it’s a good idea generally). We will be better representatives of Love if we can manage to be stronger and at peace with ourselves.

Read the whole article on Patheos.com here

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