A Messy Justice

This is a great analysis from Morgan Guyton on the appeal of Trump to white evangelicals (though that term is harder to define than ever these days), even as evangelical leaders are backing away from him as quickly as possible. The root of the argument has to do with the definition of justice — and Guyton provides a good one:  

Law and order is about punishing. Justice is about making things right. Law and order asks who needs to be kicked out. Justice asks how we can find a place for everyone. Law and order’s primary concern is enforcement. Justice’s primary concern is reconciliation. As an act of law and order, Jesus’ cross satisfies God’s demand for blood. As an act of justice, Jesus’ cross is God’s means of inviting us to live under mercy.

I, for one, don’t want to live in a whitewashed, orderly world — give me a messy justice any day.

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