The Good Ole Days

This is a great article from Rev. Jennifer Wilder on the dangers of “nostalgia” in religion. We all long for the good old days, but the good old days most likely weren’t that great. Instead, they were like all days and all times: messy, complicated, and full of messy, complicated people.

The idea in conservative Christianity that we are somehow at “war” with shifts in culture leaves out a lot of complexity and a lot of people.

From Rev. Wilder:

My question, then, to the pastors and churches that paint the cultural shift as scary and needing to be stopped: Can people be honest and vulnerable with you? Can they let themselves be known to you, their full questioning, doubting, deep, sexual selves? Or do people avoid opening the deepest and most tender areas of their lives, already expect an “easy” answer (“no, don’t do it”) when everything is more complicated than that? I wonder if people do not feel they can be fully known at church or by their religious leaders, can they really let themselves feel fully known by God?

Read the full article on Baptist News Global here

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