Christians and Guns

…from Chris Williams on Patheos:

Much of this comes down to tone, tenor and attitude. Whether a Christian owns a gun to protect their family is their own decision. But the way they approach that gun and speak about it can be chilling. Even though I think people have the right to a gun if they prove themselves trustworthy, I still get chills when I see Facebook friends post ads about their weapon’s power, or proudly talk how they just bought a new handgun — and look how awesome it is! These are Christians, people who identify as being pro-life, bragging about their weapon’s ability to kill, and often filled with macho bluster that seems to say “Jesus says love your enemy, but I’m ready to blow them away if I have to.” It’s dismaying — if you must own a gun, especially as a Christian, own one soberly and with regret that this world has brought you to this point. But Christian, never boast about a weapon that can kill, that is designed expressly for taking life, and that can do so effectively. Never be happy or proud to own an instrument of death. That power is a sober, sorrowful one to wield.

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