By now, you have likely heard the horrible news — at least 50 people were murdered early this morning at a club in Orlando, now the deadliest shooting in US history. I have no words to write, nothing that even begins to make sense in the face of such unspeakable tragedy and violence.

Yet also this morning, here at Ravensworth and before I heard the news, my son Owen was dedicated to and by our congregation who pledged to love him and nurture him as he grows in our faith and in this community.

I juxtapose those two events only because they are now juxtaposed in my mind, love and sorrow mingled together. I have no meaningful connection to make, no moral lesson to impart. All I have is a deep, tearful gratitude that in this world of violence and tragedy, my son will know love. More than the love directed his way, I am so grateful that he will be raised in a community of love, that teaches and practices love for ALL people.

God be with the victims and their families and friends. God also be with all those who harbor the seed of reckless hate in their hearts. Overwhelm them, and all of us, with your love. Rip the hate from our bones. Leave us so raw that we have no choice left but the light of life.

– Ben

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