Sexual Assault

Fair warning, the statement I am sharing below is not an easy read, but it is an important one. It is the statement of a young woman who was brutally sexually-assaulted on Stanford’s campus by Brock Turner, a 19 year old member of the swim team. At the end of the trial, where Turner was found guilty on all counts, the woman read this incredible statement that is not only emotionally powerful, but honest and smart and…devastating. Turner, though facing a potential 14 years in prison for his crime, instead received six months in a county jail and probation.

So often, crimes like this go either unreported or unpunished (or under-punished as in this case), with alcohol and youthful misadventures blamed. Rape is not some kind of youthful mistake. Alcohol can certainly impair your judgement — it does not transform you into a rapist. It is time to put an end to that cultural myth.

This woman is incredibly brave to share her story. The least we can do as a society is learn from it.

Read the statement in full on BuzzFeed here

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