Out and Around

This TED Talk from Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols explores what life is like for LGBT people all around the world — and though there are many challenges to overcome, there is a lot of hope too. They set out on a journey to 15 different countries and discovered that “equality is not a western invention.” It is a fascinating TED Talk on an area so often overlooked in the West. Along the way, they also made a documentary, Out and Around, available now. You can find it at www.outandaround.com.

I discovered the TED Talk because I came across a video Jenni and Lisa made for the It Gets Better Project. In the video, Jenni mentions that after she came out to her parents and was forced to leave home, she met an affirming pastor who told her that it was okay to be herself, that it was not sinful to be who God made her to be.

It’s a small part of that video, and I do not know how much religion comes up in their documentary, but it jumped out at me just how important that pastor really is — who knows what would have happened without that acceptance? Maybe this documentary would have still been made, but maybe not. So much good comes of small connections like this, where Love is shared. And so much evil comes of the opposite. In case you need to hear it — God loves you for who you are. Who you are is not a sin.

Watch the TED Talk here

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