Halal In The Family

Comedian Aasif Mandvi (of Daily Show fame), has made a series of short webisodes called “Halal In The Family” that satirizes both American sitcoms of yore and (more seriously) the way our society treats Muslim-Americans. If you like comedy that points out our deep societal injustices like me, then this is for you. But maybe you just like comedy, in which case, this is also for you.

It is mostly PG, except for the outtakes at the end of each episode, so if there are sensitive ears around, you may wish to hit stop as soon as the credits start to role.

Our Muslim neighbors are still treated terribly in this country, for their beliefs, or the color of their skin. We cannot allow the rhetoric of fear-mongering politicians change the way we are called to treat all our neighbors – with love, and respect…as we would like to be treated.

Watch the show on HalalInTheFamily.tv

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