There aren’t too many things worth digging out and dusting off that old club of a religious word “Blasphemy” for. But the prosperity gospel is one of them. The prosperity gospel is “the teaching that God rewards faithfulness with wealth.” That’s wealth of the there’s-gold-in-them-there-hills variety not the store-up-your-treasures-in-heaven variety. What’s even worse than the kind openly preached by such infamous TV evangelists as Creflo Dollar, is the slightly more subtle kind espoused by any number of other preachers and teachers that use pseudo-Biblical arguments to justify the pursuit of wealth and push all the economic woes of the poor onto their own shoulders. These are predators just as Creflo Dollar is, but wear false stripes.

Dave Ramsey, the conservative Evangelical radio host and best-selling author, is just such a figure. Thankfully, Rachel Held Evans is here to set the record straight and preach the actual Good News:

God does not bless people with money; God blesses people with the good and perfect gift of God’s presence, which is available to rich and poor alike.

Even more: 

…people of faith are called not simply to donate to charity, but to address such systemic injustices in substantive ways.

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