When religion makes people worse

Here’s another thoughtful post by Christian Ethicist David Gushee from Religion News Service. Here, Dr. Gushee wrestles with a long held belief: that religion, and specifically Christianity, makes you a better person. In his exploration, he arrives at an idea I have expressed here (and many others have expressed elsewhere) — there is more than one Christianity, more than one Jesus being worshiped. As Dr. Gushee writes:

“After all, could it really be said that a Dietrich Bonhoeffer who died resisting Hitler shared the same religion as the “Christian” men who murdered children in Hitler’s name? What was the religious commonality between white Christian KKK members and black Christians fighting for an end to segregation and lynching? And how much do pro-torture, Islamophobic Christians have in common with those who take the opposite path?”

It is important to remember that the distinction here is not between “conservative” and “liberal” Christian theology, but simply whether or not one’s version of Jesus is on the side of the oppressed or on the side of the oppressor.

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