After Easter

I was looking around the Internet for a good “after-Easter” post or reflection, when I came across this summary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s theology from Sightings author Noel Leo Erskine. I know I’ve talked about this before and on the church blog. But I can’t think of any better summation of what it means to be “resurrected” along with Christ. To live as if the seed of divine Love within you has conquered death. It means freedom from fear and the poison of hate. And that’s exactly what Dr. King taught:

For King, self-love should be subordinate to love for neighbor. Like the Good Samaritan, each of us is called to risk her or his life for neighbor. King spoke of love as the dangerous altruism that aids us on the journey toward reconciliation. Love refuses to categorize people as Jew or Gentile, Immigrant or Muslim. With the Good Samaritan, we are called to look beyond the accidents of race, religion and national boundaries and view all persons as brothers and sisters created in the divine image. Commitment to reconciliation presses us to place the needs of the neighbor at the forefront of the quest to restore broken communities.

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