The King Comes

I like this like I like so much of what Frederick Buechner writes. But there’s one line that jumped out at me, even though it goes by so quickly that it is easy to miss. Rev. Buechner is writing of the hope we have that Jesus will come as King over all “and is ALWAYS coming, blessed be he,” (emphasis mine). Today as we wave palm branches and sing our hosannas, we are expressing a deep hope–not that Jesus will come ONE DAY to set things right, but that Jesus will come today, now, just as he comes every day, and always comes. The King of Joy, Justice, Peace, Love, is waiting to enter right now. Welcome him.

The King Does Come

WHEN JESUS OF Nazareth rode into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and his followers cried out, “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord,” the Pharisees went to Jesus and told him to put an end to their blasphemies, and Jesus said to them, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

This church. The church on the other side of town, the other side of the world. All churches everywhere. The day will come when they will lie in ruins, every last one of them. The day will come when all the voices that were ever raised in them, including our own, will be permanently stilled. But when that day comes, I believe that the tumbled stones will cry aloud of the great, deep hope that down through the centuries has been the one reason for having churches at all and is the one reason we have for coming to this one now: the hope that into the world the King does come. And in the name of the Lord. And is always coming, blessed be he. And will come afire with glory, at the end of time.

In the meantime, King Jesus, we offer all churches to you as you offer them to us. Make thyself known in them. Make thy will done in them. Make our stone hearts cry out thy kingship. Make us holy and human at last that we may do the work of thy love.

-Originally published in A Room Called Remember

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