Lent By Example

Now for our 3rd installment of “Lent By Example.” Considering the aggressive vitriol certain right-wing politicians have been throwing at the mere possibility that the United States could serve as a haven for refugees, this story from Baptist News Global was particularly heartening. An Ecumenical group of clergy (funny how a lot of these stories start off that way…) in Missouri met to urge politicians toward compassion and away from fear when it came to Syrian refugees.

“Our book of faith, the ‘gold standard’ that we preach from each week, is full of texts that don’t just suggest but command us to welcome the stranger and the alien,” she said. “Jesus modeled the love of ‘other’ and making space for those who are in need, no matter their race or sex or situation — again and again, much to the chagrin of the religious leaders of his day. How can we do less?”

Sometimes Lent isn’t about action — not immediately. We need time to pause, to reflect, to re-find the connection between Christ and ourselves. But all that reflection, if it is worth anything, does lead us to action — to speaking out for compassion, for taking in those the world around us would reject.

Read the full story on Baptist News Global here

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