Positive Examples

During this season of Lent, we often focus on where we are going wrong, either as individuals or as a society. This isn’t necessarily a mistake — it’s important to to know where we’ve gone wrong to get back on track. But sometimes I think we forget that a positive example can be just as or even more instructive. So this week, in addition to our regular reflections, I have a few stories of people doing it right. First up, an interfaith group of clergy is standing up to certain members of the Georgia legislature to say that, no, they don’t actually need anymore so-called religious liberty.

They are opposing a measure that would use a smokescreen of religious freedom to allow for profit businesses that operate in public to discriminate on religious grounds. But these clergymen and clergywomen are rejecting this notion and standing up for the common good. There is nothing quite so insidious as when religions of peace are used as tools of oppression. It’s nice to see some Baptists fighting back.

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