A Love That Breaks Boundaries

Here’s the latest installment of “positive examples for Lent” (see yesterday’s post). This time Texas Baptists partnered with Lebanese churches to help Syrian refugees make it through the winter. For the “reflection” part of this, I’d like you to spend just a minute after you read the story considering what an incredible gift it is to be given a love that let’s you care about someone thousands of miles away. Care in a practical way, I mean, not just in the abstract. None of us are perfect, and we tend to be inconsistent in our love. Sometimes it is much harder to love those right in front of you. But never mind that for now. Just take a minute and breathe in the fact that a love exists that defies political, geographic, language, and cultural boundaries. It is a love that, however fleetingly, untied Texas and Syria and Lebanon in a common humanity. That is powerful.

Read the story on Baptist News Global here

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