Love Your Neighbor

So often the news (and even this space) is weighed down with all the terrible things happening in the world. But while it’s important to keep our eyes open, it’s also important not to let the dark overtake the light. Because there’s a lot of good in the world too. Case in point: in the middle of the darkness that is the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram, Christians and Muslims are watching out for each other. The terrorist group is known for attacking both Mosques and Churches during services, so in Cameroon many congregations of each faith have banded together to protect each other while they worship.

Even better, that’s not an uncommon occurrence in the world. As the article below points out, it also has happened in Egypt and recently in Norway. When Jesus said to “Love your neighbor,” he didn’t mean “if they look and act and think like you.”

These villagers, Muslim and Christian, get it.

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