Equality Virginia

There is no denying that we are much closer to actual equality for LGBTQ people than we were say, ten years ago, when that still seemed like an almost impossible dream. BUT we can’t let the big victories of recent years make us forget that in the trenches of state legislatures, LGBTQ people are still fighting very real and legal discrimination. This legislative session has been a particularly active one in our own Commonwealth.

Equality Virginia, an advocacy organizations for LGBT Virginians, put out this email newsletter update to what’s going on in the General Assembly. We often focus on national issues, but so much needs to be done right here at home: laws are moving forward to remove legal protections from transgender persons, to make it impossible for transgender men and women to use the correct restrooms, to give license to discriminate against LGBT families, etc. I’m linking to the whole email update. Consider liking Equality Virginia yourself to follow these updates more regularly. And take action by writing and calling your representatives to show your support for LGBTQ Virginians!

Read the EV Legislative Update here

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