If Jesus Was Your Preacher

This sermon from Nadia Bolz Weber ponders what Jesus might say if he walked up to preach one Sunday. The whole sermon is worth reading, but here’s a taste:

“I imagine Jesus standing here and saying that The Spirit of the Lord has sent him to release to the captives

  • to free the addicts from the needle and the bottle and the laptop
  • to remove the feeling of worthlessness from the depressed
  • to bring rest to the sleep-deprived parents of babies
  • to free those wrongly imprisoned by justice system so often lacking in actual justice
  • to take away the profit making system of the US prison industrial complex
  • to remove all desire for the kind of cheap goods that only can come from child labor
  • to give a sense of belonging to the alienated
  • to forgive the sinner
  • to save us from having to prove ourselves
  • to remove all resentments from those who can’t let go of the past

Because the Spirit of the Lord has sent him to bring release to the captives.”

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