Women in Ministry

I’m posting this on Sunday morning, because it is on Sunday that we most feel the effects of this. From Baptist News Global:

Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that women clergy make 76 cents for every dollar that male clergy are paid.

Part of this is due to the fact that women clergy are much less likely to hold senior ministry positions (not just by raw numbers but by percentages), rather than associate ministry positions. And even in moderate and liberal churches, women clergy are seen as bargains — their husbands are assumed to pick up the slack in their family finances.

All clergy, like teachers and social workers and others with a passionate calling, are already unfairly paid in relation to their gifts, simply because they will often work for less to do what needs to be done. But churches do themselves a disservice by further exacerbating this issue by paying women less. Maybe they are saving a little money in the short run, but they are cutting themselves off, in a time of organizational crisis, from the prophetic creativity and energy of more than half of the potential pool of resources they have to draw on by starving women out of the clergy.

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