Modern Slavery

Most of us do not think of slavery as a modern concern, or, if we do, we think of it as something that happens in far away places. But not here in the land of the free. If we think of slavery at all, we tend to think of the slavery that was America’s racially based sin, something that was “settled” 150 years ago by the Civil War, though we are still struggling with the consequences today. And that much is true (especially the struggling part). But the deeper truth is that human trafficking remains a booming business in America. Men, women, and children are bought and sold everyday into sexual and labor slavery, and it rarely gets the mainstream attention this nightmare deserves.

The article below, from Baptist News Global, highlights the issue, and also what several Baptist organizations are doing to fight it: by providing means of escape and healing to survivors. It is a small silver lining in a very dark cloud. Though some progress has been made in recent years in state legislation, hotlines and other means of support remain underfunded and understaffed–as if there is any amount of money that we should not expend as a society to end this evil. We can all do more, and we can start by becoming better informed on the issue, facing that dark cloud, and telling as many people as we can about it. 

Polaris Project is a good place to begin.

Read the article from Baptist News Global here.

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