Without a Country

If you have any questions or doubts about the damage that our immigration policies do to families, please take 20 minutes and watch this short documentary, Sin Pais. The film is an intimate portrait of a family torn apart by deportation. The family moved to the United States in the 90s, fleeing a civil war in Guatemala. 17 years later, the family’s home was raided by immigration agents, where they put the father in handcuffs and leg irons in front of his children. Sam and Elida Mejia were then forced to make the hardest decision a parent can make, and leave their two oldest children (19, and 13) behind as they were deported back to Guatemala.

I do not pretend to know all the answers when it comes to immigration policy, but I do know that if we say that we are on the side of God, which is the side of Love, then we must do better to support these families.

Please watch the film on Onward (an initiative from Sojourners) and share.

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