Illegal Refugees

This came out just before Christmas, so it was easy to miss in that busy time. But I wanted to draw your attention to it now. According to the Washington Post (link below), the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to deport hundreds of families who have crossed the border illegally, part of a large surge of such crossings in the last year and especially in the last few months. Yet “illegal immigrants” is not an accurate term for these families–including mothers and their children–seeking to live in here in the US. If they were coming from any other direction other that SOUTH, we would call them “refugees” instead. They are fleeing violence at incredible risk, not merely to seek better economic opportunity, but physical safety.

Just imagine for a moment that the highest murder rates in the world were not in El Salvador and Honduras and other countries from which many of these families are fleeing, but in the Washington DC area, where RBC is located. If your children were bullied, assaulted, and threatened with murder if they did not join gangs, you would also feel compelled to risk a journey to keep them safe. I know, looking at my two children, that I would do nearly anything to protect them. To keep them from having to grow up deeply afraid or worse.

I am not saying we should not have a process, that borders should be completely open to anyone. But clearly, when even unaccompanied minors fleeing violence are being turned away, the process we have is broken.

Read the article in The Washington Post here

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