Christmas: Jesus, Caesar, and Us

Today, I thought I’d go back to the blog Marcus Borg wrote for Patheos for a little Advent context–and I find, of course, that even though this is a post from two years ago, it’s as if he wrote it today.  What we continue to forget about the Christmas story (which is no accident), is how subversive it is.  As Borg pointed out, it is a story about confronting the powers that be.  It is the opening act of a story against the power of Caesar, of Empire, of real world oppression.  It is a declaration that God, and his Word made flesh, is not on the side of those who are powerful because of their force, but on the side of those who seem weak.  It is a spiritual message, but when did we decide that the spiritual was not also political?  Herod certainly knew it to be a real political threat, and he was willing to murder to stop it, as have countless powerful people since.  

Here’s Marcus Borg:

“Christmas: Jesus, Caesar and Us” on Patheos.com

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